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Characters inside Hearthstone are minions or heroes that the player wields in battle to try and win the game.


The Hero is the player card itself and represents you. Each player starts the match with 30 health and if your health is reduced to 0 you are dead and you lose.


Minions are summoned onto the battlefield to fight for the player and defeat his/her opponent. Minions come in all variety of forms, Damage Dealers, Tanks, Healers, etc. The way each player utilizes their minions seperates the weak from the strong.


Each turn, a player may play a minion use their hero ability whatever their mana pool will allow them to. When a minion is summoned it is not allowed to attack the first turn unless they have the Charge ability. Furthermore, every minion can only attack once per turn unless they have the unique ability Windfury cast upon them.

When attacking, the controlling player selects a character and directs it to attack an enemy target of their choice. However, minions with Taunt must be attacked before other targets. the ability Taunt allows for players to create barriers of defense while building up the cards they want. If there is more than one enemy Taunt on the battlefield, the player may choose which to attack.

When in combat cards deal damage to each other equal to their attack value and will die if all of their health is gone.

Types of combat

Combat can occur in many different forms such as minions attacking other minions or minions attacking the players hero card. When weapons are equipped to the players Hero it can also either attack other minions or directly attack the opponents hero.

  • In combat between minions, each minion takes damage based on the attack value of one another.
  • If a hero attacks a minion, both the hero and the minion take damage based on the attack value.
  • If a minion attacks a hero, the only one that will suffer damage is the players Hero and this is true even if the Hero has a weapon equipped.
  • If a hero attacks a hero, much like when a minion attacks a Hero only the attacker will do damage.