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The My Collection screen, or collection manager, is where a player can go to view their collection of cards, create their own custom deck or perform crafting. It is accessed from the main menu screen by clicking on the My Collection button, found at the bottom of the screen.


Players can use the My Collection screen to view all cards in their collection. Individual cards can be inspected in more detail by right-clicking them. Cards can be filtered depending on what you are looking for whether its a lower mana cost or higher damage. You can also use the search function to locate cards with abilities you might want to sue such as Charge or Taunt. This is also where you can see how much Arcane Dust you have for crafting.

Newly acquired cards which have not yet been viewed or added to a deck are highlighted in blue, and are indicated in each class tab with a number.

Custom decks

Along the right of the screen is a list of the player's current custom decks. Players can create up to 9 custom decks and utilize all the cards in their collection to make these decks. Once a Hero type is selected, They can proceed to start making their deck for that specific Hero class

The "Suggest a Card" button allows players access to the deck builder assistant. This will give you suggestions by the game of what type of cards you need to create your deck. You do not need to use the Suggest a Card function, but it is nice for beginners to make their first custom deck.

Crafting mode

At the top of the screen is the Crafting Mode button. While in crafting mode the Crafting Mode button is highlighted in blue, while a jiggling Arcane Dust icon next to the button indicates that the player has spare cards to disenchant.

While inside of crafting mode you can create cards or disenchant cards depending how you feel.