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The Duels inside Hearthstone are typically a little more friendly as it pits friend vs. friend in a 1 on 1 battle to the death!


  • Duels do not have a round timer allowing players to take all the time they need to play.
  • Duels are not used for completing quests.
  • Duels are started by challenging your friends on your friends list.
  • Duels are the only game mode in hearthstone where you choose your opponent obviously because you are challenging your friends. This is a nother good way to experiment with deck builds and strategies.

Initiating a Duel

To start a duel is very easy and simple. Once you open Hearthstone locate your friends lsit and then right click on the friend you wish to duel and challenge them!


The Strategy of Duels is mostly for experimenting with different deck builds with your friends so they can give you positive feedback. Also it doesn't hurt to beat your friends every now and then.