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Gold is a type of in-game currency that can be exchanged for card packs and entry into the Arena.

Obtaining gold

There are many different ways to earn gold inside of Heathstone

  • Winning games
    • 10 gold is awarded for every 3 games won in Play mode, up to a maximum of 100 gold per day. Winning games can also allow players to earn gold through completing related quests.
  • Quests
    • Most quests reward players with gold. These include one-time quests such as unlocking every hero, or winning 100 games.
    • Daily quests typically offer 40 gold each, although some reward 60 or 100.
  • Arena
    • Once the player either retires from Arena, loses 3 games, or wins 12 games, reward chests can be opened, which have a chance of containing gold, with the average return amount increasing with the number of games won during that session. If at least 7 games were won, the player will be rewarded with a minimum of 150 gold (equivalent to the Arena entrance fee).

Spending gold

You can spend your gold in two ways:

  • Card pack - 100 gold
    • One new card pack
  • Arena - 150 gold
    • One entry into the Arena