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Practice mode is a game mode where the player plays games against a computer AI, the purpose of practice mode is to get used to Hearthstone and level up your Hero to get new cards in a noob friendly way.


  • Practice mode matches will go by a lot quicker because the AI will act immediately when it is their turn.
  • You can unlock all your Hero classes inside of practice mode making this the easiest way to unlock every Hero.
  • You can gain XP inside practice mode aswell and with the speed at which these games are played you can level up fairly quickly utilizing the practice mode.
  • You can use Practice Mode to get used to every class in the game.
  • Daily quests are not able t be completed inside of practice mode.


The AI opponents in Practice mode always sue the same deck and here is the list of all of their playing cards.

Below are listed the decks for each Practice mode opponent. Each card listed is stocked x 2 in that deck.

Basic opponents
Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
Bloodfen Raptor Arcane Shot Arcane Explosion Blessing of Might Bloodfen Raptor Assassinate Ancestral Healing Chillwind Yeti Boulderfist Ogre
Boulderfist Ogre Bloodfen Raptor Arcane Intellect Elven Archer Chillwind Yeti Backstab Booty Bay Bodyguard Darkscale Healer Charge
Claw Core Hound Arcane Missiles Gnomish Inventor Core Hound Bloodfen Raptor Frost Shock Drain Life Dragonling Mechanic
Core Hound Goldshire Footman Bloodfen Raptor Goldshire Footman Elven Archer Deadly Poison Frostwolf Grunt Hellfire Execute
Elven Archer Houndmaster Boulderfist Ogre Hammer of Wrath Frostwolf Grunt Dragonling Mechanic Frostwolf Warlord Kobold Geomancer Fiery War Axe
Healing Touch Ironfur Grizzly Fireball Hand of Protection Gurubashi Berserker Elven Archer Hex Murloc Raider Frostwolf Grunt
Innervate Multi-Shot Murloc Raider Holy Light Holy Smite Gnomish Inventor Murloc Raider Ogre Magi Gurubashi Berserker
Lord of the Arena Novice Engineer Nightblade Ironforge Rifleman Mind Blast Goldshire Footman Raid Leader Reckless Rocketeer Heroic Strike
Mark of the Wild Oasis Snapjaw Novice Engineer Light's Justice Northshire Cleric Ironforge Rifleman Reckless Rocketeer River Crocolisk Lord of the Arena
Nightblade Raid Leader Oasis Snapjaw Lord of the Arena Power Word: Shield Nightblade Rockbiter Weapon Shadow Bolt Murloc Raider
Oasis Snapjaw Razorfen Hunter Polymorph Novice Engineer Sen'jin Shieldmasta Novice Engineer Sen'jin Shieldmasta Succubus Murloc Tidehunter
River Crocolisk River Crocolisk Raid Leader Raid Leader Shadow Word: Pain Sap Stonetusk Boar Voidwalker Razorfen Hunter
Silverback Patriarch Stonetusk Boar River Crocolisk Stormpike Commando Shattered Sun Cleric Sinister Strike Voodoo Doctor Voodoo Doctor Sen'jin Shieldmasta
Stonetusk Boar Timber Wolf Sen'jin Shieldmasta Stormwind Champion Silverback Patriarch Stormpike Commando Windfury War Golem Warsong Commander
Wild Growth Tracking Wolfrider Stormwind Knight Voodoo Doctor Stormwind Knight Wolfrider Wolfrider Wolfrider

Expert opponents
Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
Abusive Sergeant Eaglehorn Bow Arcane Explosion Argent Commander Abomination Argent Squire Abusive Sergeant Acolyte of Pain Abomination
Acidic Swamp Ooze Explosive Shot Arcane Missiles Argent Squire Acidic Swamp Ooze Betrayal Bloodlust Blood Imp Amani Berserker
Ancient Watcher Ironfur Grizzly Azure Drake Blessing of Kings Acolyte of Pain Cold Blood Dire Wolf Alpha Core Hound Arathi Weaponsmith
Druid of the Claw Jungle Panther Cone of Cold Blood Knight Faceless Manipulator Defias Ringleader Dust Devil Demonfire Battle Rage
Harvest Golem Misdirection Counterspell Consecration Leper Gnome Eviscerate Faerie Dragon Doomguard Brawl
Ironbark Protector Multi-Shot Fireball Equality Lightspawn Gnomish Inventor Feral Spirit Flame Imp Cruel Taskmaster
Ironbeak Owl Oasis Snapjaw Frost Elemental Eye for an Eye Loot Hoarder Headcrack Flametongue Totem Imp Master Elven Archer
Keeper of the Grove Savannah Highmane Ice Barrier Noble Sacrifice Mass Dispel Knife Juggler Forked Lightning Mortal Coil Execute
Nourish Scavenging Hyena Kobold Geomancer Redemption Mind Blast Mad Bomber Lava Burst Power Overwhelming Fiery War Axe
Power of the Wild Snipe Mana Addict Repentance Mind Control Novice Engineer Lightning Bolt Sense Demons Frothing Berserker
Soul of the Forest Stampeding Kodo Mana Wyrm Scarlet Crusader Shadow Madness Ravenholdt Assassin Shattered Sun Cleric Shadow Bolt Shieldbearer
Starfall Starving Buzzard Mirror Entity Secretkeeper Shadow Word: Pain SI:7 Agent Shieldbearer Shadowflame Slam
Windfury Harpy Timber Wolf Polymorph Silvermoon Guardian Silence Stranglethorn Tiger Stormforged Axe Stranglethorn Tiger Tauren Warrior
Wrath Unleash the Hounds Sorcerer's Apprentice Spellbreaker Spellbreaker Worgen Infiltrator Thrallmar Farseer Succubus Upgrade!
Youthful Brewmaster Young Dragonhawk Tauren Warrior Sunwalker Worgen Infiltrator Youthful Brewmaster Young Dragonhawk Voidwalker Whirlwind