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The shop allows you to buy card packs. Purchases can be made in gold, or real money. The shop can be accessed from the main menu, or the 'Open Packs' screen.



In the current state of the beta (26-8) the following purchasing options are available. Note that a substantial discount is offered for buying in bulk. At present, only the single pack option is available for gold; all other options require real money. Real money currencies vary; the below figures are in US dollars.

  • 1 pack for 100 gold (ingame currency, rewarded from completing quests and playing games)
  • 2 packs for $2.99 ($1.495 per pack, $0.299 per card)
  • 7 packs for $9.99 ($1.427 per pack, $0.285 per card)
  • 15 packs for $19.99 ($1.332 per pack, $0.266 per card)
  • 40 packs for $49.99 ($1.249 per pack, $0.249 per card)

You can use any of the payment methods that are also available for buying games and goodies from the Blizzard store.