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Forts are fortified positions placed along the lanes in the battlegrounds. Each team has one or more fort in each lane, with one being their main base. Each fort contains their own towers, castles, healing fountains, and strong gates that prevent enemies from marching through them. Teams need to group up and make coordinated pushes against enemy forts due to how strong they are. Here is a breakdown of each type of building.

Red team's castle under attack.


Every fort is fortified with multiple towers - two at each gate and one defending the castle. Towers attack enemy units and heroes that approach them, dealing damage with each attack. Towers only have limited ammo, however, and if a team doesn't defend them they can easily be rushed down and destroyed.


Gates are protective structures that prevent enemies from entering or passing through a fort but allow allies to pass through easily. Though they don't have any defensive capabilities of their own, they're often guarded by two towers that can handle most incoming enemies.

Healing fountains

Every fort has a healing fountain that restores health and mana. Healing fountains can be destroyed to prevent enemies from resupplying in their fort. These have individual cooldowns for each player, so the fountains are a valuable structure for a player defending against an attack.


Arthas assaults an enemy fort.
Castles are large structures at the center of forts that spawn minions that advance towards enemy towns and can be killed by enemy heroes for experience. Destroying castles disables the enemy fort and is a massive objective. Castles are often defended by an additional tower.