Mercenary Camps

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Unique mercenary camps are also sprinkled throughout the battlegrounds; subdue the mercenaries there and they’ll fight on your side and push toward the enemy base. Even the endless waves of minions that fight for each side can vary in abilities from match to match. Some minion groups include standard melee and ranged attackers, while other groups include healers and other surprises.

Siege giants

Siege giants are large, destructive mercenaries with a ranged attack that lets them easily take down enemy forts and towns. They're not as threatening up close, however, which makes them the easiest camp to take. Siege giants come in groups of 2 identical units, each of which has plenty of health and a ranged attack that deals more damage to structures.


Knights are tanky units that are excellent at fortifying creep waves. They're difficult to fight alone and often require multiple heroes to capture. Though they're individually not as powerful, their numbers and bonuses make them a strong addition to any push. Knights come in groups of 3 knights and a mage that provides additional buffs to nearby units.

Grave Golem

The grave golem exists on some maps as a mercenary camp. Grave golems are large, tanky, high damage units that can easily push through enemy creeps and forts. Grave golems have a short range, area of effect entangle as well as a large area of effect slam attack that stuns all nearby enemies. The grave golem is very dangerous to take and teamfights will often take place around his camp.