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Statistics are the numerical measurement of the abilities of heroes. All heroes have the same statistics which are earned/increased by leveling up by gaining experience, as well as selecting talents through your tree. Some abilities can also grant temporary bonus statistics with a global cool down or passive. In Heroes of the Storm the statistics are broken up into three categories: Attack, Defense, Ability and Utility.

  • Attack damage - the amount of damage a hero does when they attack an enemy with their basic attack.
  • Attack speed - the speed at which a hero can use their basic attack, in seconds per attack.
  • Health - the maximum number of hit points a hero has.
  • Health regen - the rate at which a hero regenerates hit points passively, in hit points per second.
  • Shields - the maximum amount of shield a hero can have. Shields regenerate over time.
  • Ability power - the amount that a hero's ability damage is increased by, in percentage of the base damage.
  • Mana - the maximum amount of mana a hero has, which is spent to cast spells.
  • Mana regen - the rate at which a hero regenerates mana passively, in mana per second.
  • Cooldown reduction - the percent that a hero's cooldowns are reduced by when a hero uses an ability, in percentage of the base cooldown.
  • Movement speed - the speed that a hero moves at while on foot.