Bandle City

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Bandle City

Bandle City is a city-state on the southeastern part of Valoran.


The Bandle City Mothership

Above the city center sits a hulking, unfinished rocket called the Mothership. There are no records which say where it came from, though oral histories declare that it was there before the first yordles came to settle the Ruddynip Valley. The ship is a cultural icon for yordles across Runeterra and their society is unified around the concept of "getting it ready," or restoring the broken-down structure as a symbol of cooperation. Unfortunately, actual cooperation ends with several unfinished projects littering the site, and ongoing debate over what should be done next.

The Iron Ambassador to Demacia

Years ago the famous yordle blacksmith Blomgrun was commissioned to create a glorious helm for a Demacian general. Word of this charge was leaked to the Noxian High Command, and two of their best spies ambushed Blomgrun's caravan en route to Demacia. Blomgrun's daughter, who was traveling with him at the time, was able to escape with the helm. She watched helplessly as her father was slain before her eyes. Instead of fleeing home, she carried the helm to Demacia alone. When the Demacian general saw the grim determination behind the tears in her eyes, the general requested that the leadership of Bandle City make her the yordle ambassador to Demacia. The yordle leaders agreed with the request, appointing Blomgrun's daughter, Poppy, the liaison between Bandle City and Demacia.

A Cupcake from the Mothership

One day a local tinker named Beardly Kittle discovered a fossilized cupcake that had been expelled out from the Mothership. During this time witnesses claimed to see lights flashing across the ship for a few seconds. Yordle scientists continue to investigate, though they found it unlikely that the Mothership will be turning on again anytime soon. Nevertheless, the discovery has awakened unified celebration in Bandle City, with Mayor Dennison Jadefellow declaring a city-state holiday.

Poppy's Anniversary Day Ruined

The pirate Tiresias Ellington and his crew boarded a Bandle City ship headed to Demacia and sacked the vessel of its goods. Though Tristana and Teemo's special forces were able to apprehend the pirates, they could not salvage the cargo. This particular shipment was on its way to a celebration, a commemoration to Poppy's appointment to service as envoy between Demacia and the yordles. Bandle City appealed to the League to solicit reparations from Bilgewater for the loss of the goods, along with spoiling their anniversary plans. Bilgewater’s stance was that they were not responsible for the actions of a few independent sailors.

Attempted Abduction of the Mothership

Veigar escaping with Mothership

It was discovered that the mastermind behind the Horseshoe Heist and Balloon Burglary was none other than Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil. He planned to use these items in a grand attempt to abduct Bandle City’s Mothership. The horseshoes’ shape allowed them to slip perfectly under the curved metal of the Mothership’s nose cone and his enchanted balloons threatened to lift the Mothership from the ground.

Veigar's plan was foiled, however, by a flock of sharp-winged thresher geese approached from the west. The flock of predatory birds passed above the Mothership and sliced though all but one of Veigar’s enchanted balloons, deflating them immediately. Faced with an impending and accidental defeat, Veigar tugged the final balloon free of its horseshoe and began to rise into the sky. The League Champion Teemo, having just arrived at the Mothership, took aim and burst Veigar’s last balloon with a single dart. The Tiny Master of Evil plummeted into the tree line just outside the city. Bandle City officials were unable to locate the Tiny Master of Evil following his escape from the battle, noting that it is likely he escaped through magical means.

The Mothership miraculously suffered no apparent damage from the incident. Many onlookers, however, commented that the Mothership appeared to have shifted slightly to the left.


  • Corki.jpg - Birthplace; ace pilot of the Screaming Yipsnakes
  • Heimerdinger.jpg - Birthplace; renowned techmaturgist from Bandle City
  • Poppy.jpg - Birthplace; emissary to Demacia
  • Rumble.jpg - Birthplace; wayward mechanic from Bandle City
  • Teemo.jpg - Birthplace; Scouts of the Mothership member
  • Tristana.jpg Birthplace; member of the Megling Commandos
  • Ziggs.jpg - Birthplace; volatile experimenter from Bandle City

Associated Champions

  • Amumu.jpg - Probable birthplace
  • Kennen.jpg - Birthplace
  • Lulu.jpg - Birthplace; friend of the Glade fae
  • Veigar.jpg - Birthplace; former trading organization member



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Bandle City