Mogron Pass

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The Mogron Pass is the barrier between North and South Valoran.


Precious Resources Discovered in Kalamanda

The sleepy, non-descript village of Kalamanda, located near the northern entrance to Mogron Pass, now finds itself wide awake as the leading lady on the world stage. The village's mayor, Anson Ridley, reported this week that a local survey team has uncovered a massive deposit of gold and precious gems within the village's sphere of influence. Furthermore, two nexuses of considerable magic potency have been discovered alongside the resource deposits.

Before the discovery, Kalamanda was only moderately known as a decent place to fish for Valoran trout and not much else. The village now finds itself as the destination point for adventurers and prospectors seeking fame and riches beyond their wildest dreams. The town council has already set up a temporary camp located near the foothills that lead to Mogron Pass and the Great Barrier in anticipation of the great influx of individuals hoping to trade a hard day's work for handsome rewards. Mayor Ridley has acknowledged that Kalamanda itself is not properly equipped to extract and process the raw riches that lay under the village and its environs. "There's little question that we will be looking to partner with an external mining company or even one of the great city-states in the successful exploitation of these resources," Ridley said. "We are looking to work with partners who will respect Kalamanda's wishes to keep our interests first."

With the discovery of two massive nexuses in close proximity to the valuable resources, the League has also taken an interest in Kalamanda's recent good fortune. Council of Equity spokesman Rovis Samadon downplayed concern about the nexuses' discovery by an organization other than the League. "The League works tirelessly and diligently to identify and maintain control over the nexuses found all over the continent of Valoran."

"With such a magically blessed world as Runeterra is, it is only logical to assume that many nexuses remain undiscovered." Samadon continued: "The citizens of Kalamanda have done the right thing by not only publically announcing their discovery, but also contacting the League directly about it."

The League has since announced plans to send a research team of summoners and other magicians to Kalamanda to inspect the nexuses for potential future management and use by the League.


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