Summoner's Rift

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Summoner's Rift

The oldest and most venerated Field of Justice is known as Summoner’s Rift. The Rift is located in a remote forest between Freljord, the Serpentine River, and the Ironspine Mountains. The Summoner’s Rift is one of a few locations in Valoran where magical energy is at its greatest concentration, making it a highly sought after locale to pursue magical endeavors. Historically, the forest where the Rift resides was the site of several battles during Runeterra’s various Rune Wars. In modern times, this battleground is known as the ultimate proving ground for any aspiring summoner. The Rift is also the battleground where some of Valoran’s greatest political decisions have been made since the inception of the League of Legends.


The objective of Summoner’s Rift is extremely straightforward – destroy the enemy’s nexus. In order to do this, champions must traverse down one of three different paths in order to attack their enemy at the weakest points they can exploit. Each lane on the opposing team’s side is defended by numerous turrets; each turret grows in strength the closer it gets to their respective nexus, and each turret must be eliminated in order to gain access to that team’s main base. Cooperating with fellow summoners is an absolute requirement for success, as it is easy for a champion to find themselves ambushed by enemies in the lanes of the Rift.


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