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Zaun is a city-state on the northeastern part of Valoran.


Trade Routes Between Noxus and Zaun Secured

There are often harsh words for those with the courage to do what is necessary to protect the future. Idealists will prattle on about the freedom of men and the tyranny of conquerors. Talk is cheap, and you will find these so called visionaries cowering in the corner the moment there is an enemy at your gates. Prosperity, on the other hand, is seldom cheaply bought. Rather, it is purchased with the blood of patriots.

Permit me, for a moment, to indulge in an example. At the base of the Ironspine Mountains, along the main trade route between Noxus and Zaun, lie two smaller villages: Askay and Meland. For generations, the people of these villages have been embroiled in a bloody feud, the cause of which has since lapsed from memory. While relations between Zaun and Noxus have always been friendly, the lawlessness of this region has always complicated the development of trade agreements between our great nations. Until recent times, most interactions have been limited to wartime pacts serviced by mercenary contracts and alchemical weapons. Current events, however, have taught us that there is much we can share with our eccentric neighbors on the far side of the mountain range. As a result, there has been much interest in pursuing more thriving peacetime trade relations. With our Demacian conflicts now settled in the more civilized manner taught to us by the arrival of the League of Legends, it was no hardship for the High Command to simply retask a few of its more specialized military units with resolving the issue. For these specialists, deposing the current, radical political sects in favor of a newer and more forward thinking ruling body was a relatively simple matter. Since this time, both Askay and Meland have seen fit to put aside their differences and declare allegiance to our sovereign city-state. Some might call facilitating a political coup insidious and underhanded. To these hopeless romantics, I would pose the following question: was the political situation before our intervention preferable? Should the High Command simply have allowed the warmongering leaders of Askay and Meland to strain relations between ourselves and our allies, and continue to impose a reign of terror upon their own people? These two villages are both now protectorates of Noxus. Their men will no longer make war on their neighbors, thus perpetuating old hatreds. Their women will no longer raise their offspring alone, with their fathers either deceased or away at a frivolous war. Their children will grow up free from the oppression of a homeland in turmoil, and with the opportunity to pursue higher education in Noxian Academies.

Zaun Loses the Annual Zeppelin Race

Janna’s record-breaking zeppelin “Tailwind” defeated the Zaunite flagship “Lead Zeppelin” at the annual Techmaturgical Conference in Piltover. Zaun’s “Lead Zeppelin” had maintained a strong lead from the race’s start in Piltover. The Zaunite flagship, a powerhouse of black metal and Zaunite techmaturgy, had claimed victory at the Conference for the past four years. As the two zeppelins crossed the Bluewind Bay, however, Tailwind’s chrono-propeller engine allowed the craft to navigate through the bay's storms utterly unfettered, securing Piltover’s victory. After Tailwind sailed into Piltover hours before Zaun’s Lead Zeppelin, Zaunite representatives immediately contested the victory, claiming that the chrono-propeller gave Piltover an unfair advantage. Conference officials, however, overruled their protest.

Warehouse Revealed to be a Corporate Prison

An unassuming Priggs Industries warehouse in Zaun was discovered to be a corporate prison when a breakout from within revealed a secret entry point.

The commotion began when Edward Manfred was overseeing a routine inspection of his own warehouse next door. Manfred stated that he heard an explosion from Priggs' warehouse and went to investigate. Manfred reportedly entered the Priggs warehouse to witness an unidentified man grappling with a pair of guards. The man threw a smoke grenade of some sort, and when the haze cleared, the two guards were unconscious and the man had gone. Manfred was the first to discover a passage to an underground holding facility that had been blown open from within from a dynamite blast. Inside was what appeared to be a prison, but one cell was empty. The other five prisoners, however, were quickly released.

One of the prisoners was discovered to be Falren Danart, whose disappearance and assumed death three years ago was thought to be the cause of his father's failed management and subsequent bankruptcy of the famed Danart Chemicals, a once-rival company to Priggs Industries. With Falren's freedom, however, Danart immediately came forward to state that he was blackmailed following his son's capture and imprisonment. As this information has become available, the estimated value of Priggs Industries has plummeted in Zaun. Other warehouses under the Priggs name have been searched, primarily by forces under Manfred, though no other holding facilities have been discovered. Production at Priggs factories has all but shut down as employees are questioned. Dr. Priggs himself, however, has vanished from the public eye.


  • Drmundo.jpg - Birthplace; infamous Zaunite scientist
  • Singed.jpg - Birthplace; infamous Zaunite alchemist
  • Twitch.jpg - Birthplace; rodent representative of Zaun
  • Urgot.jpg - Reconstructed cyborg of Prof. Stanwick Pididly
  • Viktor.jpg - Birthplace; pioneer from the College of Techmaturgy
  • Warwick.jpg - Birthplace; former Zaunite alchemist

Associated Champions

  • Blitzcrank.jpg - "Birthplace"; sentient steam automaton
  • Graves.jpg - Endured years of captivity
  • Janna.jpg - Birthplace; defected
  • Renekton.jpg - Point of arrival to Runeterra
  • Twistedfate.jpg - Origin of powers
  • Ziggs.jpg - Rescued the captured yordle professors



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