Adventures of Batman & Robin

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The Adventures of Batman & Robin
The Adventures of Batman & Robin
North American box art (Super NES)
Developer(s) Konami (SNES version)
Clockwork Tortoise (Mega Drive/Genesis and Mega-CD/Sega CD versions)
Novotrade (Game Gear version)
Publisher(s) Konami (Nintendo version)
Sega (Sega versions)
Composer(s) Jesper Kyd (Mega Drive/Genesis version)
Platform(s) Super NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Mega-CD/Sega CD, Game Gear
Release date(s) 1994, 1995
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player, cooperative
Distribution 16-megabit Cartridge

The Adventures of Batman and Robin is a 1994 and 1995 video game based on the popular DC Comics characters Batman and Robin and specifically the critically acclaimed animated cartoon Batman: The Animated Series (which had been renamed The Adventures of Batman and Robin for its second season at the time of the game's production). There are several releases of the video game for the different consoles in the market at the time, namely the Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Gear, and Mega-CD/Sega CD versions were published by Sega while the Super NES one was published by Konami.