Ape Escape

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Ape Escape
Developer(s) SCE Japan Studio
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Distributor(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Director(s) Masamichi Seki
Producer(s) Susumu Takatsuka
Takafumi Fujisawa
Shuhei Yoshida (executive producer)
Designer(s) Kenkichi Shimōka
Hingo Matsumoto
Katsuyuki Kanetaka
Kenji Kaido
Hidekuni Sakai
Programmer(s) Yuji Yamada
Kazuo Kato
Kaoru Hagiwara
Toshitake Tsuchikura
Kenji Ishii
Makoto Wakabayashi
Kiyoshi Sakai
Composer(s) Soichi Terada
Series Ape Escape
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation Portable
Release date(s) PlayStation
NA 19990531May 31, 1999
JP 19990624June 24, 1999
EU 19990702July 2, 1999
JP August 30, 2007 (PSN)
PlayStation Portable
  • JP March 17, 2005
  • NA March 22, 2005
  • EU May 5, 2006
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer (minigames only)
Distribution CD-ROM, UMD, download

Ape Escape (known as Saru! Get You! (サルゲッチュ Saru Getchu?) in Japan) is a platform game published, produced and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation. Originally released in 1999, it was re-released for the four different best seller versions, the Sony Greatest Hits and Best for Family line-ups in 2000; the Platinum Range in 2001; and the PSone Books line-up in 2005. The game was re-released as a downloadable game via the PlayStation Network in Japan in 2007. Ape Escape is notable as the first video game to require the use of a Dual Analog or DualShock controller for gameplay. A remake, Ape Escape: On the Loose (サルゲッチュP! Saru Getchu P!?) also known as Ape Escape P in Europe, was released for the PlayStation Portable in 2005.

Ape Escape is the first installment in the Ape Escape series, and tells the story of an albino ape named Specter who gains enhanced intelligence and a malevolent streak through the use of an experimental helmet. Specter mass-produces the helmet for the use of an army of apes, which he sends back through time in an attempt to rewrite history. The player character, Spike (Kakeru in the original Japanese version), must travel through time and capture the apes and ultimately Specter himself with the aid of special gadgets.

Ape Escape was met with universal acclaim from professional critics, who praised the innovative use of the dual analog controls and spoke positively of the graphics and music, with minor criticism going to the voice acting.



Rank Name Console/Emulator Time Date Verified Video Stream
1 USA Kintonians NTSC PS2 47:29 14/09/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
2 USA SSBMStuff NTSC PS2 47:30 25/03/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
3 USA ihavenonamesda NTSC PS2 48:13 28/05/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
USA MarkHest NTSC PS2 48:30 Notverified.png
USA Hornlitz NTSC PS2 49:27 21/07/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
USA Ambasa221 NTSC-J PS2 50:00 Notverified.png
USA Unizushi NTSC-J PS2 50:40 Notverified.png
USA CavemanDCJ NTSC PS2 51:09 05/04/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
USA Zorasknight NTSC PS2 52:08 01/04/2014 Verified.png Video.png
USA Jezz_Sully NTSC Emulator 52:09 Notverified.png
USA Saga NTSC Emulator 53:20 Notverified.png
USA Gregxry NTSC PS2 53:35 Notverified.png
USA Skateman222 NTSC PS2 53:45 Notverified.png
USA Jazzy NTSC Emulator 54:53 Notverified.png
USA gonya707 NTSC PS2 55:02 Notverified.png
USA KeyKagimura NTSC-J PS2 55:05 28/03/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
USA Loop NTSC Emulator 55:37 Notverified.png
USA Rejectedlink NTSC PS2 55:48 Notverified.png
USA BManRulesYou21 NTSC PS2 56:15 23/07/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
USA Crash41596 NTSC PS2 57:20 Notverified.png
USA LD NTSC PS2 57:26 Notverified.png
USA Santana NTSC PS2 58:16 20/09/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
USA Chibi Black NTSC PS2 1:01:23 Notverified.png


Rank Name Console/Emulator Time Date Verified Video Stream
1 USA SSBMStuff NTSC PS2 1:30:37 Notverified.png Twitchicon.png
2 USA ihavenonamesda NTSC PS2 1:33:53 Notverified.png Twitchicon.png
3 USA MarkHest NTSC PS2 1:40:50 Notverified.png
USA Unizushi NTSC-J PS2 1:41:35 Notverified.png
USA Jezz_Sully NTSC PS2 1:53:32 Notverified.png
USA Gonya707 NTSC PS2 2:08:53 Notverified.png
USA Crash41596 NTSC PS2 2:14:11 Notverified.png
USA Jumpyluff NTSC PS2 2:56:33 Notverified.png


Rank Name Console/Emulator Time Date Verified Video Stream
1 USA MarkHest NTSC PS2 2:02:22 Notverified.png
2 USA ihavenonamesda NTSC PS2 2:02:33 19/12/2013 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
3 USA SSBMstuff NTSC PS2 2:04:57 Notverified.png Twitchicon.png
USA Unizushi NTSC-J PS2 2:11:42 Notverified.png
USA BmanRulesYou21 NTSC PS2 2:30:25 18/07/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
USA Jezz_Sully NTSC PS2 2:40:43 Notverified.png
USA Gonya707 NTSC PS2 3:22:06 Notverified.png
USA Zorasknight NTSC PS2 3:30:12 Notverified.png
USA Beuchiism PAL PS2 5:25:38 Notverified.png
USA Loop NTSC PS2 5:46:45 Notverified.png