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The Astyanax
Screenshot of the arcade version of The Astyanax.
Screenshot of the arcade version of The Astyanax.
Developer(s) Aicom
Publisher(s) Jaleco
Designer(s) Tokuhiro Takemori (producer / director / designer)
Composer(s) Kiyoshi Yokoyama
Platform(s) Arcade
Nintendo Entertainment System
Release date(s) 1989 (Arcade)</br>
  • JP December 21, 1989
  • NA March 1990
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) 2-players cooperative (arcade)
1-player (NES)
Cabinet Horizontal
Arcade system Jaleco Mega System 1A hardware
CPU 68000
Sound Sound CPU : 68000
Sound Chips : YM2151, OKI6295
Display Raster (256 x 224 pixels, 1024 colors)

The Astyanax, known in Japan as The Lord of King (ザ・ロード・オブ・キング?), is a side-scrolling action game developed by Aicom released for the arcades by Jaleco. A home version for the Nintendo Entertainment System, simply titled Astyanax, was released during the same time as the arcade version.