High Templar

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ProtossIcon.pngHigh Templar
High Templar.png
TypeGround Unit
DescriptionStrong psionic caster.
Built FromGateway
CostMinerals.gif 50 Vespene-protoss.gif 150 Buildtime protoss.gif 55 Supply-protoss.gif 2
AttributesBiological, Light, Psionic
DefenseIcon Hitpoints.png 40 Icon Shields.png 40 Icon Armor.png 0 (+1)
Cargo Size2
Strong Against
Weak Against


Feedback.png Feedback (F)

Cost: EnergyIcon.gif 50 Range: 9

Only units with energy can be targeted with Feedback. Feedback removes all energy from the targeted unit, and converts it into direct damage dealt to the target.

Psionic storm.png Psionic Storm (T)

Cost: Minerals.gif 200 Vespene-protoss.gif 200 Buildtime protoss.gif 110

Cost: EnergyIcon.gif 75 Cooldown: 2 Range: 9 Duration: 15 Radius: 1.5

The targeted area is blasted by psionic energy to deal 80 damage over 4 seconds.

Archon warp.gif Archon Warp (C)

Cost: Duration: 12

Two High Templar or Dark Templar merge to create an Archon.

General Strategy

  • Light psionic unit that can cast powerful spells.
  • Can use Feedback to drain enemy units of their energy and damage them simultaneously.
  • Great against large groups of units that have small health pools once they gain the ability to cast Psionic Storm.
  • Two High Templars can combine to form an Archon, a psionic warrior that can attack air and ground targets.
  • Excellent as overall army support.
  • Can be used to annihilate the opponent’s economy if you manage to drop High Templars behind his mineral line and cast Psionic Storms.
  • Can be warped into the Battlefield by means of a Warp Gate.


High Templar.gif