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TypeAir Unit
DescriptionProvides 8 Supply-zerg.gif, which raises the maximum number of units available. Can morph into Overseer.
CostMinerals.gif 100 Vespene-zerg.gif 0 Buildtime zerg.gif 25 Supply-zerg.gif 0
AttributesArmored, Biological
DefenseIcon Hitpoints.png 200 Icon Armor.png 0 (+1)
Speed0.586 (+1.294)
Morphs intoOverseer (Lair)


The Overlord is the Zerg supply unit and is the equivalent of the Terran's Supply Depot and the Protoss Pylon. The Overlord provides the Zerg player with 8 supply and more must be built in order to create additional units.


62px-Generate creep.png Generate Creep (G)

Duration: 15 s

When selected, the Overlord will create Zerg creep beneath it, spreading out to a 2x2 area.

61px-Overseer Icon.png Morph to Overseer (V)

Cost: Minerals.gif 50 Vespene-zerg.gif 50 Buildtime zerg.gif 17

Morphs the selected Overlord into an Overseer. Requires Lair.

Load zerg.gif Load (L)

The Overlord has a cargo space of 8. Overlords can use the Load ability only after Ventral Sacs has been researched.


Pneumatized carapace.gif Pneumatized Carapace (P)

Cost: Minerals.gif 100 Vespene-zerg.gif 100 Buildtime zerg.gif 60

Researched from: Hatchery Increases the movement speed of Overlords to 1.88 and Overseers to 3.375.

Ventral sacs.gif Ventral Sacs (E)

Cost: Minerals.gif 200 Vespene-zerg.gif 200 Buildtime zerg.gif 130

Researched from: Hatchery Gives Overlords the ability to transport Zerg units. Requires a Lair

General Strategy

  • Air-based supply and transport unit.
  • Provides ’unit supply’ to increase the army’s capacity as more Overlords are spawned -– the death of Overlords can result in a significant drop in the army’s supply.
  • Can transport and drop Zerg units with Ventral Sacs upgrade.
  • Can scout more effectively with the Pneumatized Carapace speed upgrade.
  • Can excrete creep in order to increase the Zerg army movement speed on the battlefield and to inhibit non-Zerg races from building structures.
  • Able to evolve into Overseer detection units.
  • Effective but slow scout unit.