Thor (Heart of the Swarm)

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TypeGround Unit
DescriptionHeavy Assault Mech.
Built FromFactory
CostMinerals.gif 300 Vespene-terran.gif 200 Buildtime terran.gif 60 Supply-terran.gif 6
AttributesArmored, Massive, Mechanical
Ground Attack:   30 (+3) (x2)
Ground DPS:   46.9 (+4.7)
Air Attack:   6 (+1) (x4) (Splash) (Explosive)
24 (+2) (High Impact)
Air DPS:   8 (+1.3) (Explosive)
12 (+1) (High Impact)
Bonus:   +6 (+1) vs Light Air (Explosive)
Bonus DPS:   +8 (+1.3) vs Light Air (Explosive)
Range:   7 (Ground)
10 (Air) (Explosive)
10 (Air) (High Impact)
Cooldown:   1.28 (Ground)
3 (Air) (Explosive)
2 (Air) (High Impact)
DefenseIcon Hitpoints.png 400 Icon Armor.png 1 (+1)
Cargo Size8
Strong Against
Weak Against


The Thor is a walking Gun-Battery with monstrous Ground damage and changeable Ground-to-Air attack. Once an Armory has been constructed, built from a Factory with a Tech Lab.


61px-HighImpactPayload.png High Impact Payload (E)

Cooldown: 4

Activates the Thor's 250mm Punisher Cannons, which strike a single air target for heavy damage.

61px-ExplosivePayload.png Explosive Payload (D)

Cooldown: 4

Arms the Thor's Javelin missile launchers, which do splash damage to air units and additional damage to Light units.

Driver’s Handbook

  • Massive armored unit that can attack both air and ground targets.
  • Its main cannons deal heavy damage to all land-based units and structures, while its missile launchers keep enemy air forces at bay, especially Mutalisks.
  • Very vulnerable without support.
  • Slow-moving and costly to produce. Combine with SCVs for field repairs, and Medivacs to ferry them quickly across the battlefield.
  • The thor’s initial anti-air weapon is strong against swarms of light units. Switch into
  • High-Impact Payload mode when going up against small numbers of armored units.