Dread Wastes

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Dread Wastes
Location Southwestern Pandaria
Races MantidMantid Mantid
Sha Sha
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Saurok Saurok
Type Zone
Level Requirement 89 - 90

Beyond the wall, in the dark heart of mantid territory, few pandaren dare to tread. It is here that the mantid empress holds court from her once-splendid palace. But a dark shadow has crept over the mantid race, and the behavior of the empress has grown erratic. Driven to madness by the Sha of Fear, the empress is breeding and unleashing an uncontrolled swarm that threatens to overwhelm the wall and engulf Pandaria. There is hope; even within the mantid race there are some who wish to see the Empress overthrown. Ending her reign will require breaching her palace stronghold, now known as the Heart of Fear.




Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Heart of Fear 90 10-man / 25-man TBD


Taste of Amber and Iyyokuk the Lucid

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:A Not So Friendly Request

  1. Neutral Quest:The Heavens Hum With War & Neutral Quest:Sacred Recipe
  2. Neutral Quest:I Bring Us Great Shame & Neutral Quest:Daggers of the Great Ones & Neutral Quest:Bound With Shade & Neutral Quest:Rending Daggers
  3. Neutral Quest:Wood and Shade & Neutral Quest:Bound With Wood
  4. Neutral Quest:Sunset Kings
  5. Neutral Quest:Fiery Wings & Neutral Quest:Incantations Fae and Primal & Neutral Quest:The Horror Comes A-Rising
  6. Neutral Quest:Great Vessel of Salvation
  7. Neutral Quest:Bind the Glamour
  8. Neutral Quest:Blood of Ancients & Neutral Quest:Fires and Fears of Old

The Klaxxi

Kil-Ruk the Windreaver

Optional breadcrumbs: Neutral Quest:The Klaxxi, Neutral Quest:Dread Space, Neutral Quest:The Threat in the South

  1. Neutral Quest:Falling Down & Neutral Quest:Nope
  2. Neutral Quest:Psycho Mantid
  3. Neutral Quest:Preserved in Amber
  4. Neutral Quest:Wakening Sickness
  5. Neutral Quest:Ancient Vengeance
  6. Neutral Quest:The Klaxxi Council

The First Paragons

  1. Complete all of:
  2. Neutral Quest:Citizens of a New Empire & Neutral Quest:A Cry From Darkness

Dailies unlocked: Neutral Quest:Dreadspinner Extermination, Neutral Quest:Nope Nope Nope
Followups: Neutral Quest:Amber Is Life, Neutral Quest:Extending Our Coverage

Korven the Prime

  1. Neutral Quest:Amber Is Life
  2. Neutral Quest:Feeding the Beast & Neutral Quest:Living Amber
  3. Neutral Quest:Kypari Zar
  4. Neutral Quest:The Root of the Problem

Kaz'tik the Manipulator

  1. Neutral Quest:Extending Our Coverage
  2. Neutral Quest:Isolating the Frequency & Neutral Quest:The Color of Our Energy
  3. Neutral Quest:By the Sea, Nevermore
  4. Neutral Quest:Reunited (Dread Wastes)
  5. Neutral Quest:Feed or Be Eaten & Neutral Quest:The Kunchong Whisperer & Neutral Quest:Falling to Pieces

Not Fit to Swarm

  1. Neutral Quest:Not Fit to Swarm & Neutral Quest:A Source of Terrifying Power
  2. Neutral Quest:Concentrated Fear
  3. ...

Like a Deck Boss

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:Soggy's Gamble

  1. Neutral Quest:Fresh Pots & Neutral Quest:You Otter Know & Neutral Quest:Mazu's Breath
  2. Neutral Quest:Meet the Cap'n
  3. Neutral Quest:Walking Dog & Neutral Quest:Old Age and Treachery & Neutral Quest:On the Crab & Neutral Quest:Shark Week & Neutral Quest:Dog Food
  4. Neutral Quest:Reeltime Strategy
  5. Neutral Quest:The Mariner's Revenge
  6. Neutral Quest:Mazu's Bounty


Known Characters



Gathering Resources


Travel Hubs

Neutral Klaxxi'vess
Neutral Brewgarden
Neutral Soggy's Gamble
Neutral Briny Muck


Dread Wastes Map
Amberglow Hollow · The Amber Vault · The Briny Muck · The Brewgarden · Chittering Coast · The Clutches of Shek'zeer (Fear Clutch · Horror Clutch · Panic Clutch) · Duskroot Fen · Forgotten Mire · Heart of Fear (The Amber Hibernal · The Amber Womb) · The Horrid March · Klaxxi'vess · Kor'vess (Morrowchamber) · Kypari Ik · Kypari Vor · Kypari Zar · Lake of Stars · Lonesome Cove · Mazu's Overlook · Muckscale Grotto · Muckscale Shallows · Rikkilea · Rikkitun Village · Shelf of Mazu · Soggy's Gamble · The Stinging Trail · Terrace of Gurthan · The Thundering Run · Venomous Ledge · Writhingwood · Zan'vess (Amber Quarry · Whispering Stones)