Krasarang Wilds

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Krasarang Wilds
Location Southernmost Pandaria
Races PandarenPandaren Pandaren

Night elfNight elf Night elf
TaurenTauren Tauren
Hozen Hozen
Mogu Mogu

Sha Sha
Type Zone
Level Requirement 86 - 88

The Krasarang Wilds along Pandaria's southern coast conceal many ancient secrets of a lost dynasty that have drawn the attention of prophecy-seekers among the Alliance and Horde. The Wilds are also home to the vicious, domineering Mogu, and a more insidious danger still: the Sha of Despair is believed to have escaped from its bindings in the Temple of the Red Crane, and stifling gloom has begun to blanket the land in its path.




Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Temple of the Red Crane 86-88 5-man TBD


Zhu's Bastion

  1. Neutral Quest:Ken-Ken
  2. Neutral Quest:What's Eating Zhu's Bastion?
  3. Neutral Quest:Finding Yi-Mo
  4. Neutral Quest:Cheer Up, Yi-Mo
  5. Neutral Quest:Tears of Pandaria & Neutral Quest:Materia Medica
  6. Neutral Quest:Why So Serious?
  7. Neutral Quest:Apply Directly to the Forehead
  8. Neutral Quest:Zhu's Despair

Mei sends adventurers forward in Alliance & Horde Quest:Into the Wilds.

Into the Wilds

The Incursion and the Waters of Youth

  1. Alliance Quest:Kang Bramblestaff (Alliance) (optional)
  2. Alliance Quest:The Arcanic Oubliette
  3. Alliance Quest:The Lost Dynasty & Alliance Quest:Blind Them! (Alliance) & Alliance Quest:Squirmy Delight
  4. Complete all of:
  5. Alliance Quest:Immortality?

Thunder Cleft

  1. Horde Quest:Kang Bramblestaff (Horde) (optional)
  2. Horde Quest:Search Party & Horde Quest:Poisoned! & Horde Quest:Skitterer Stew
  3. Horde Quest:Threat from Dojan (Horde), Horde Quest:Herbal Remedies
  4. Horde Quest:The Mogu Agenda
  5. Horde Quest:The Pools of Youth (Horde)
  6. Horde Quest:Life

Onward to Kor at Dawnchaser Retreat in Horde Quest:Going West

Temple of the Red Crane

  1. Neutral Quest:Into the Wilds
  2. Neutral Quest:Unsafe Passage
  3. Neutral Quest:Blinding the Riverblades & Neutral Quest:Tread Lightly & Alliance Quest:The Murksweats
  4. Neutral Quest:Ahead on the Way & Neutral Quest:Striking the Rain & Neutral Quest:Sha Can Awe
  5. Neutral Quest:In the House of the Red Crane
  6. Neutral Quest:Hope Springs Eternal

Taking on the mogu

Sentinel Basecamp

  1. Alliance Quest:Going on the Offensive
  2. Alliance Quest:No Sister Left Behind & Alliance Quest:Sever Their Supply Line & Alliance Quest:Re-Reclaim (Alliance)
  3. Alliance Quest:The Mantid (Alliance) & Alliance Quest:The Stoneplow Convoy (Alliance)
  4. Alliance Quest:The Lord Reclaimer
  5. Alliance Quest:The Waters of Youth
  6. Alliance Quest:Warn Stoneplow (Alliance)

At the conclusion of the quest chain, players head back in to Valley of the Four Winds to Alliance Quest:Warn Stoneplow (Alliance).

Dawnchaser Retreat

  1. Horde Quest:Going West
  2. Horde Quest:For the Tribe & Horde Quest:The Greater Danger & Horde Quest:Re-Reclaim (Horde)
  3. Horde Quest:The Mantid (Horde) & Horde Quest:The Stoneplow Convoy (Horde)
  4. Horde Quest:For Family
  5. Horde Quest:Warn Stoneplow (Horde)

At the conclusion of the quest chain, players head back in to Valley of the Four Winds to Horde Quest:Warn Stoneplow (Horde).

Side quests

Crane and Profit Mastery

Fallsong Village

Nayeli Lagoon

  1. Neutral Quest:Sudden, Unexpected Crocolisk Aggression
  2. Neutral Quest:Build Your Own Raft
  3. Neutral Quest:The Lorewalker on the Lake
  4. Neutral Quest:Wisdom Has A Price
  5. Neutral Quest:Balance


Anglers Wharf

Optional: Neutral Quest:The Anglers

Any three available daily:

Cradle of Chi-Ji

  1. Complete all of:
  2. Next quest in the chain:
    1. Neutral Quest:Ellia Ravenmane
    2. Neutral Quest:Minh Do-Tan
    3. Neutral Quest:Ellia Ravenmane: Rematch
    4. Neutral Quest:Fat Long-Fat
    5. Neutral Quest:Julia Bates
    6. Neutral Quest:Dextrous Izissha
    7. Neutral Quest:Kuo-Na Quillpaw
    8. Neutral Quest:Ellia Ravenmane: Revenge
    9. Neutral Quest:Tukka-Tuk
    10. ...
    11. Neutral Quest:Yan Quillpaw
    12. ...
    13. Neutral Quest:Ellia Ravenmane: Redemption


Known Characters


Gathering Resources

Travel Hubs


Krasarang Wilds Map
Anglers Wharf · Cradle of Chi-Ji (Angkhal Pavilion · Dome Balrissa · Pedestal of Hope) · Dawnchaser Retreat · The Deepwild · Dojani River · Fallsong Village · Field of Korja · Forbidden Jungle (Shattered Convoy) · The Incursion · Kea Krak · Krasarang River · Krasari Falls · Krasari Ruins · Marista (Marista's Bait & Brew) · Narsong Spires · Narsong Trench · Nayeli Lagoon (Mortbreath Grotto) · Redwing Refuge · Ruins of Dojan (Pools of Youth) · Ruins of Korja · Sandy Shallows · Sarjun Depths · Sentinel Basecamp · Southern Isles · Southern Wall · Temple of the Red Crane · Thunder Cleft · Turtle Beach · Unga Ingoo · Zhu Province (Zhu's Bastion)