Kun-Lai Summit

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Kun-Lai Summit
Location Northern Pandaria
Races PandarenPandaren Pandaren

Grummle Grummle
Hozen Hozen
Jinyu Jinyu
Mogu Mogu
Yaungol Yaungol

Zandalar trollZandalar troll Zandalar troll
Type Zone
Level Requirement 87 - 89

High atop the frigid northern peaks of the Kun-Lai Summit looms the Temple of the Tiger, an ancient training ground protected by an elite force of martial priests, along with the spirit of the White Tiger itself. Deeper into the mountains is the hideout of the Shado-pan: a mysterious order charged with protecting Pandaria from the dark things buried beneath its surface. When the isolated people of Kun-Lai are threatened by marauders from the west and a Zandalari troll menace invading its northern shores, they turn to the Alliance and Horde for help.




Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Shado-pan Monastery 86-88 5-man TBD
Instance portal Mogu'shan Vaults 90 10-man / 25-man TBD


Binan Village

Optional breadcrumb: Alliance & Horde Quest:The Road to Kun-Lai
Optional side quests: Neutral Quest:Robbing Robbers of Robbers, Neutral Quest:Educating Saurok, Neutral Quest:The Spring Drifter

  1. Neutral Quest:Call Out Their Leader & Neutral Quest:Hit Medicine & Neutral Quest:All of the Arrows
  2. Alliance Quest:Admiral Taylor has Awakened / Horde Quest:General Nazgrim has Awakened
  3. Alliance Quest:Westwind Rest / Horde Quest:Eastwind Rest
  4. Alliance & Horde Quest:Challenge Accepted
  5. Complete all of:
    1. Alliance & Horde Quest:Trouble on the Farmstead
    2. Neutral Quest:Farmhand Freedom & Neutral Quest:... and the Pot, Too!
    3. Alliance Quest:Back to Westwind Rest / Horde Quest:Back to Eastwind Rest
  6. Complete all of:

Shado-Pan Monastery

  1. Neutral Quest:Turnabout
  2. Neutral Quest:Unmasking the Yaungol
  3. Neutral Quest:To Winter's Blossom
  4. Neutral Quest:Honor, Even in Death & Neutral Quest:A Line Unbroken
  5. Neutral Quest:To the Wall!
  6. Neutral Quest:Off the Wall! & Neutral Quest:A Terrible Sacrifice
  7. Neutral Quest:Lao-Chin's Gambit
  8. Neutral Quest:Do a Barrel Roll!
  9. Neutral Quest:Finish This!
  10. Neutral Quest:Where are My Reinforcements?
  11. Neutral Quest:Unbelievable!
  12. Neutral Quest:Into the Monastery
  13. Neutral Quest:Lord of the Shado-Pan

Raising the Thunder King

  1. Neutral Quest:Path Less Traveled
  2. Neutral Quest:Instant Courage & Neutral Quest:They Stole My Luck! & Neutral Quest:Resupplying Onekeg
  3. Neutral Quest:Comin' Round the Mountain
  4. Neutral Quest:One Traveler's Misfortune
  5. Neutral Quest:Seeker's Folly
  6. Neutral Quest:The Tongue of Ba-Shon
  7. Neutral Quest:Staying Connected
  8. Neutral Quest:An End to Everything
  9. Neutral Quest:It Was Almost Alive
  10. Neutral Quest:The Tomb of Shadows
  11. Neutral Quest:Breaking the Emperor's Shield
  12. Neutral Quest:Stealing Their Thunder... King
  13. Neutral Quest:Lessons from History
  14. Neutral Quest:Chasing the Storm
  15. Neutral Quest:Fisherman's Tale
  16. Neutral Quest:It Takes A Village & Neutral Quest:Handle With Care (Kun-Lai Summit) & Neutral Quest:What's Yours Is Mine
  17. Neutral Quest:Enemies At Our Door
  18. Neutral Quest:Revelations
  19. Neutral Quest:Prophet Khar'zul

Side quests

Inkgill Mere

  1. Complete all of:
  2. Neutral Quest:The Ritual
  3. Neutral Quest:Cleansing the Mere
  4. Neutral Quest:The Fall of Shai Hu

Lao & Son's Yakwash

  1. Neutral Quest:The Missing Muskpaw
  2. Neutral Quest:At the Yak Wash
  3. Neutral Quest:Back in Yak

Grummle Bazaar and One Keg

  1. Neutral Quest:A Grummle's Luck & Neutral Quest:Traffic Issues & Neutral Quest:Oil Stop
  2. Neutral Quest:Roadside Assistance
  3. Neutral Quest:The Burlap Trail: To Burlap Waystation
  4. Neutral Quest:The Burlap Trail: To Kota Basecamp

Kota Basecamp

  1. Neutral Quest:Kota Blend
  2. Neutral Quest:A Fair Trade
  3. Neutral Quest:The Burlap Grind
  4. Neutral Quest:The Burlap Grind (daily)

And another involving the Burlap Trail:

  1. Neutral Quest:The Rabbitsfoot & Neutral Quest:The Broketooth Ravage
  2. Neutral Quest:A Monkey Idol & Neutral Quest:No Pack Left Behind & Neutral Quest:Breaking Brooketooth
  3. Neutral Quest:Bros before Hozen
  4. Neutral Quest:The Snackrifice & Neutral Quest:Thumping Knucklethump & Neutral Quest:Hozen Love Their Keys
  5. Neutral Quest:Grummle! Grummle! Grummle! & Neutral Quest:Unleash The Yeti!
  6. Neutral Quest:The Leader Hozen

Zouchin Strand

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:Checking In

  1. Neutral Quest:Emergency Care
  2. Neutral Quest:Justice & Neutral Quest:The Scent of Life & Neutral Quest:By the Falls, For the Fallen
  3. Neutral Quest:Preparing the Remains
  4. Neutral Quest:A Funeral


Optional breadcrumb: Alliance & Horde Quest:Trial At The Temple of the White Tiger


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Gathering Resources

Travel Hubs

Alliance Alliance:

Horde Horde:


Kun-Lai Summit Map

Auburn Bluffs · The Autumn Plains · Binan Village (Binan Brew & Stew) · Broketooth Outpost · Burlap Trail (The Burlap Waystation) · Camp Broketooth · Chow Farmstead · The Deeper · The Dooker Dome · Eastwind Rest · Fire Camp Bataar · Fire Camp Ordo · Fire Camp Ruqin · Fire Camp Yongqi · Firebough Nook · The Grummle Bazaar · Howlingwind Cavern · Howlingwind Trail · Inkgill Mere (Inkgill Ritual Island) · Isle of Reckoning (Thunder's Call) · Knucklethump Hole · Kota Basecamp · Kota Peak · Kun-Lai Pass · Lao & Son's Yakwash · Mogujia · Mount Neverest (Neverest Basecamp · Neverest Pinnacle) · Muskpaw Ranch · One Keg (The Lucky Traveler) · Ox Gate · Path of Conquerors · Peak of Serenity · Pranksters' Hollow · Seeker's Folly · Seeker's Point · Shado-Li Basin · Shado-Pan Fallback · Shado-Pan Monastery · Temple of the White Tiger · Valley of Emperors (Emperor Rikktik's Rest · Shrine of the Merciless One · Tomb of Conquerors · Tomb of Secrets · Tomb of Shadows) · Westwind Rest · Whispercloud Rise · Winter's Blossom · The Yaungol Advance · Zouchin Province (North Wind Tavern · The Zandalari Vanguard · Zouchin Strand · Zouchin Village)