Mogu'shan Palace

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Mogu'shan Palace
Race(s)IconSmall Mogu.gif Mogu
Instance info

In the eastern heart of the Jade Forest, the races of Pandaria maintain a temple to the Jade Serpent, a venerable spirit of wisdom and foresight. Here, overlooking Pandaria’s coast, the myriad races of the continent come to meditate for insight or peruse the living archives of the temple’s library, where Pandaria’s history is literally brought to life. The temple is particularly sacred to the fish-like Jinyu, who use its scrying pool to serve as their eyes and ears throughout the continent.

Dungeon Journal

The ancient Mogu'shan Palace is the last true bastion of the mogu's strength. Three of their great clans recently gathered at this stunning location to meet with their king, Xin the Weaponmaster. This mighty ruler has formulated a bold plan to unite his scattered people and reclaim the glory of their fallen empire. With turmoil gripping Pandaria, Xin's lofty dream of conquest could become reality.




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