Silvershard Mines

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Neutral Silvershard Mines
Level 90
Silvershard Mines loading screen.jpg
LocationStranglethorn Vale
Map of the area
Mine cart tracks inside the tunnels
Diamonds! Stranglethorn Vale’s Silvershard mines are full of the gleaming gems, and, while they’re pretty to look at, they’re far more important for what they can buy: new blades, ballistae and battle-gear for the soldiers of the Alliance and Horde. Neither faction wants its opposition digging up diamonds – not when the other option is to spill their enemies’ blood on the rocks and make off with the loot in Venture co. mine carts![1]

Silvershard Mines is a 10vs10 battleground for level 90 players, introduced with Mists of Pandaria. Set in Stranglethorn Vale, the objective of the battleground is to be the first to generate 1600 resources.


  • The Silvershard Mines are similar to Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm in that the main goal is to reach 1600 resources before the other faction does.
  • From the center of the map there are 3 mine carts rolling on rails towards 3 defined endpoints.
  • There are multiple tracks, and the option to switch tracks at certain points.
  • Each mine cart is surrounded by a visible circle.
  • The faction with the most people inside these circle controls the cart. While you are inside the circle you can see a bar similar to Towers in EotS with a red and a blue end.
  • While your faction is in control of a mine cart, resources are generated.
  • When a mine cart reaches its end location the controlling faction is granted a large bonus of resources, similar to a flag turn-in in EotS.


Note: Meta achievements are located in a separate table at the bottom of this section.



  • It was called Stranglethorn Diamond Mines at Blizzcon 2011, but had been renamed by the time of the March 2012 press tour.
  • The concept of the battleground seem to be similar to the Payload game mode in Team Fortress 2.

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