Stormstout Brewery

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Stormstout Brewery
Race(s)PandarenPandaren Pandaren

IconSmall Hozen.gif Hozen

IconSmall Virmen.gif Virmen
Instance info

For generations, the Stormstout Brewery has been a font of joy for the citizens of Pandaria, pumping out an endless-seeming supply of delicious and refined beverages without appearing to break stride. The Stormstout family has enjoyed and supported the Brewery’s continued significance, and kept diligent watch over their recipes and the perfection of their stills – until today. In the absence of any more able Stormstout, management of the building has recently fallen to Uncle Gao Stormstout…to the detriment of everyone who has ever enjoyed a cold drink. On Gao’s "watch," loathsome Virmen have broken through the brewery’s massive oak doors and ravaged the Stormstout’s stores of rice and barley; local Hozen have also begun cracking into casks left and right, spurring a destructive revel that threatens to devastate the Valley’s supply. As if that weren’t enough, the brew itself has begun to spoil – in the worst way possible.

Dungeon Journal

When Chen Stormstout arrived in the Valley of the Four Winds, he journeyed to the renowned brewery of his namesake, hoping to connect with his relatives. What he found was his ancestral home in disarray. Under the watch of the incompetent Uncle Gao, loathsome virmen and unruly hozen have infiltrated the brewery, sparking a destructive revel that will soon devastate the region's supply of tasty beer.




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