Temple of Kotmogu

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For the scenario, see Temple of Kotmogu (scenario).
Neutral Temple of Kotmogu
Level 90
Temple of Kotmogu loading screen.jpg
LocationVale of Eternal Blossoms
During the lost days of ancient Pandaria, the ruling mogu built temples not unlike themselves – immense in size, vast in scope, and steeped in forces as old as the ground beneath their feet. Stony statues of the mogu still glare down from their long-vacant temples, and echoes of their supremacy persist to the present day. Inside the autumnal Temple of Kotmogu, a vicious melee has erupted over artifacts the mogu left behind: treasures older than the bloodlines of human kings and the clans of orcs, orbs of power that have bathed in the energies of Pandaria for ages. Will they bring the might of the mogu to the Horde or Alliance?[1]

Temple of Kotmogu is a 10vs10 battleground for level 90 players, introduced in Mists of Pandaria. Located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the objective of the battleground is to hold an object for as long as possible, taking more damage the longer you hold it.


Note: Meta achievements are located in a separate table at the bottom of this section.


  • Tentatively called 'Valley of Power' when first announced at Blizzcon 2011.
  • A scenario was planned to play out here, also called the Temple of Kotmogu, however it did not make it out of the beta phase.


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