Townlong Steppes

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Townlong Steppes
Location Northern Pandaria
Races PandarenPandaren Pandaren

MantidMantid Mantid
Mogu Mogu

Yaungol Yaungol
Type Zone
Level Requirement 88 - 89

Separated from the rest of Pandaria by the Pandaren Wall, the rampaging mantid people of the Townlong Wastes devour everything in their path in order to build their own crystalline empire of ruthless warriors and scheming feudal lords. The pandaren are left reeling when the mantid's thousand-year cycle of aggression kicks off a hundred years too early and their greatest warriors burst through the Pandaren Wall. The beleaguered pandaren must now face the worst swarm in recorded history while trying to isolate the cause of the mantid's erratic behavior.




Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal The Gate of the Setting Sun Unknown Unknown Unknown
Instance portal Siege of Niuzao Temple 90 10-man / 25-man TBD


Osul Mesa

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:My Husband...

  1. Neutral Quest:A Foot in the Door
  2. Neutral Quest:First Assault & Neutral Quest:Running Rampant & Neutral Quest:Perfect Pitch
  3. Neutral Quest:Seeing Red & Neutral Quest:Ranger Rescue & Neutral Quest:Pitching In
  4. Neutral Quest:Jung Duk

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:In Search of Suna

  1. Neutral Quest:Dust to Dust & Neutral Quest:Slaying the Scavengers & Neutral Quest:Totemic Research & Neutral Quest:Last Toll of the Yaungol
  2. Neutral Quest:What Lies Beneath
  3. Neutral Quest:Hatred Becomes Us & Neutral Quest:Spiteful Spirits
  4. Neutral Quest:The Point of No Return

On Hatred's Path

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:Gao-Ran Battlefront

  1. Neutral Quest:Behind the Battlefront
  2. Neutral Quest:Unwelcome Intruders
  3. Neutral Quest:Breach in the Defenses (Townlong Steppes) & Neutral Quest:The Restless Watch
  4. Neutral Quest:Returning from the Pass
  5. Neutral Quest:The Endless Swarm & Neutral Quest:Back on Their Feet & Neutral Quest:Rummaging Through the Remains
  6. Neutral Quest:Improvised Ammunition
  7. Neutral Quest:Cutting the Swarm
  8. Neutral Quest:Terror of the Dread Wastes

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:Along the Southern Front

  1. Neutral Quest:Enraged By Hatred & Neutral Quest:Taking Stock‎
  2. Neutral Quest:Joining the Fight
  3. Neutral Quest:Raising Spirits (Townlong Steppes) & Neutral Quest:Up In Flames‎
  4. Neutral Quest:The Taking of Dusklight Bridge

The Sha of Hatred

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:Joining the Hunt (Townlong Steppes)‎

  1. Neutral Quest:In Skilled Hands
  2. Neutral Quest:Hostile Skies
  3. Neutral Quest:Devastation Below
  4. Neutral Quest:Heroes of the Shado-Pan
  5. Neutral Quest:Buried Beneath
  6. Neutral Quest:Taoshi and Korvexxis & Neutral Quest:Lao-Chin and Serevex & Neutral Quest:Nurong and Rothek
  7. Neutral Quest:The Sha of Hatred

The Mistlurkers in the Sumprushes

  1. Neutral Quest:A Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My Soul
  2. Neutral Quest:The Torches
  3. Neutral Quest:Golgoss & Neutral Quest:Arconiss
  4. Neutral Quest:The Death of Me
  5. Neutral Quest:Golgoss Hungers & Neutral Quest:Arconiss Thirsts & Neutral Quest:Orbiss Fades
  6. Neutral Quest:Mists' Opportunity

Tai Ho's Investigation

  1. Neutral Quest:The Motives of the Mantid & Neutral Quest:Set the Mantid Back
  2. Neutral Quest:The Wisdom of Niuzao
  3. Neutral Quest:Niuzao's Price
  4. Neutral Quest:The Terrible Truth & Neutral Quest:Give Them Peace & Neutral Quest:A Trail of Fear


Shado-Pan Garrison

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:The Shado-Pan

One of these sets will be offered daily:

Niuzao Temple

Optional breadcrumb: Neutral Quest:Defense At Niuzao Temple
One set available daily:


Known Characters




Gathering Resources


Travel Hubs

Neutral Gao-Ran Battlefront
Neutral Longying Outpost
Neutral Rensai's Watchpost
Neutral Shado-Pan Garrison


Townlong Steppes Map

Ambermarsh · Dampsoil Burrow · Deadtalker's Plateau · Dusklight Bridge · Dusklight Hollow · Farwatch Overlook · Fields of Niuzao · Fire Camp Osul · Gao-Ran Battlefront · Hatred's Vice · Hollowed Out Tree · Kri'vess · Longying Outpost · Lower Sumprushes · Niuzao Catacombs (Ghastly Confines) · Niuzao Temple · Rensai's Watchpost · Sra'vess (The Feeding Pits · Ikz'ka Ridge · Kzzok Warcamp · Sra'thik Swarmdock) · Shado-Pan Garrison · Shallowstep Pass · Shan'ze Dao · Sik'vess (Sik'vess Lair) · Sra'thik Incursion · The Underbough · Upper Sumprushes · Westersea · The Widening Deep