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US - Stormreaver
Location United States
Time Zone CST (-0600)
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Stormreaver is a Player vs Player server and was one of the first World of Warcraft servers released on launch day; November 23rd, 2004. At one time, Stormreaver was the most active PVP server in the US. Due to the high population, Stormreaver has been subjected to four different "free transfers" periods:

  • Stormscale - May 2005
  • Korgath - June 2006
  • The Underbog - January 2007
  • Drak'tharon - February 2009

The realm was named after the Stormreaver Clan, one of the many Orc clans that made up the vast Horde in the First and Second wars. It was lead by Gul'dan and his most trusted Warlocks and supporters and was responsible for many events that shaped the course of Azeroth's history.


Faction Guild Guild Master Raid Times Raid Days Type Raid Size Website
Alliance Lzuruha Kassabella 7:00PM - 10:00PM Tues-Thurs PvE / PvP 10 Man / 25 Man
Horde Accession Lucente Unknown All Days PvE 25 Man
Alliance Nebula Shrutebuck 8:00PM - 12:00PM Mon, Tues, Thurs PvE 10 Man
Horde Peachy Keen Drorgoss 7:30PM - 11:00PM Tues-Thurs PvE 25 Man
Alliance Air Xelaeno 9:30AM - 12:00PM Mon, Wed PvE 10 Man
Alliance Cleave Runihura 8:00AM - 11:00PM Tues, Thurs PvE 10 Man None
Horde Overdosed Katês 7:30PM - 11:30PM Tues, Thurs, Sun PvE 10 Man
Horde Eidolon Kitrich 8:30PM - 11:00PM Tues-Wed PvE 10 Man
Horde Consortium Azurestorm 8:00PM - 11:00PM Tues, Thurs, Sun PvE 10 Man
Horde Dark Empire Gobmir 7:00PM - 11:00PM Mon-Fri PvE 25 Man
Alliance vs The Universe Bodegas 8:00PM - 12:00PM Tues, Wed, Sun PvE 10 Man / 25 Man
Horde Dark Horizon Firelilly 11:00PM - Tired Tues-Thurs PvE 10 Man None
Horde Facetious Raeza 9:00PM - 12:00PM Tues-Thurs PvE 10 Man None
Alliance Bad Example Stellaluna Unknown Unknown PvE 10 Man
Horde Subtle Insanity Zinzrah 8:30PM - 11:30PM Tues-Thurs, Sun PvE 10 Man
Horde Aspire Rockmonster 8:30PM - 12:00PM Tues-Thurs PvE 25 Man
Horde Sánctus Riran 7:00PM - 11:00PM Mon-Wed PvE 25 Man Unknown
Horde SO MANY BANELINGS Bwilldur 7:00PM - 11:00PM Tues-Wed PvE 10 Man
Alliance Convicted Cephyid 7:30AM - 11:30PM Wed, Thurs, Mon PvE 25 Man

Retired/Disbanded Guilds

Alliance Retired/Disbanded Alliance

Horde Retired/Disbanded Horde

Notable Players

  • Alliance Hobbs
  • Alliance Riggins
  • Alliance Maxium
  • Alliance Xyshina
  • Alliance Jonchron

Server Streamers

Alliance Alliance

Horde Horde

Realm Firsts

Mists of Pandaria Professions/Leveling

Realm First 90 Realm First Class Realm First Professions Secondary
Horde Razlopp Horde Death Knight: Eased Alliance Alchemy: Darkvengance Alliance Archeology: Joline
Horde Druid: Xahl Horde Blacksmithing: Maako Alliance Cooking : Tchawa
Horde Hunter: Jello Horde Enchanting: Pallykingg Horde First Aid: Pallykingg
Horde Mage: Razlopp Alliance Engineering: Bladesedge Alliance Fishing: Biöz
Horde Monk: Chugernaut Horde Herbalism: Kraineth
Horde Paladin: Maxim Alliance Inscription: Dimination
Horde Priest: Tethealla Alliance Jewelcrafting: Erthrix
Horde Rogue:Vallk Alliance Leatherworking:Tchawa
Horde Shaman:Goomba Horde Mining: Maako
Horde Warlock: Stockcrash & Setus Alliance Skinning: Tchawa
Horde Warrior: Igginz Horde Tailoring: Treeolife

History of Stormreaver by Jonchron

The First Age of Stormreaver

The Tides of War

The front line of battles between the legions of orcish hordes and the alliance of men did not begin in Hillsbrad as many would suspect. The original boundaries were set between the north and south of Stranglethorn Vale and deep into Duskwood, as well as the Wetlands. In these days the horde numbered in many, their forces were strong and their leaders were aggressive. Guilds such as <Domain of Pain> led by the willful forum master and Orcish Hunter, Tirade, and <Cabal> led by Invisus and his Inner Council (not to be confused with the later "The Cabal") and <JUICE> successfully led raids against the alliance and controlled their territory with ease. A level gap was slowly beginning to appear as the legendary first player in the world to hit level 60, Xenif, the Troll Rogue of <Domain of Pain> captured Nesingwary's Expedition and purged the location and quest lines of all alliance presence.

But who would stand to fight these orcish hordes when their numbers were so great and their generals so cunning and cruel? Those of the alliance brave enough to challenge their opposition were smote down and corpse camped. There was but one guild who sought to cleanse the lands of evil and restore balance and virtue to the homeland at all costs.

<Nightmare Inc> was all that remained of the Neutrals from Sullon Zek. Their leader, Static, led a glorious crusade through the lands, smiting the orcish horde where they stood. Those who did not fight in the battles hid from Static's army and were spared. It was not until Static had pushed all the way through The Barrens and into the mysterious realm of One Thousand Needles that the orcs came out from their hiding places and recaptured the Gurubashi Arena.

Static's forces stormed up the spires and seized control of the orcish horde outposts there. There was no time for inquisition, his priests swiftly mind controlled the remaining orcs off of the cliffs and to their miserable deaths. Static's occupation was brief, and <Nightmare Inc> returned to the lesser zones to establish safe travel routes for their fellow brothers and sisters of the alliance. The battles in these territories were fierce and many were won and lost by both sides. Among the most noted PvPers of these lesser zones were <Pink Club> <Cabal> <The Forgotten Order> <Covert Operations> <Inconceivable> <Booty Bay Bandits> <Digital Marines> <Warband> <Torment> <Minium> <JUICE> <Beyond Death> <Oh Snap> <Dreadnought> <Igglebound> <Foo>

<Epoch> and <Nightmare Inc> there were few other guilds who actively PvPed in groups or raids or maintained PvP rivalries.

At one point before everyone was 60, Woolygimp (Alliance) sold an epic Bow on the Gadgetzan Auction house to Tirade (Horde) This is the first documented example of cross teaming on Stormreaver. A controversial issue that troubled Stormreaver during its glory days.

Although the Alliance had been victorious, the orcs were not crushed so easily, within their ranks an ancient evil was emerging. Among them came about the elite combat crew of <Oh Snap> who's less than ten man guild mercilessly slaughtered bands of alliance across all zones. <Cabal> had not yet seen its end of days and their war parties led many successful campaigns upon the continent of Kalimdor. The notorious <Minium> as well as <Domain of Pain> were already well on their way to the great BlackRock Mountain where they would bravely venture deep into the dungeons there in search of phat loots and the key to Blackrock Spire, lair of General Drakkisath. It was here that they would later learn that the General knew the secrets of Onyxia and her lair.

The council of the Alliance knew of these secrets as well, and their raid forces were stationed at the southern entrance to the mountain. It was here that <Dreadnought> the mighty alliance guild of that time, led by the legendary Paladin of light and truth, Chris, and his right hand man and arch priest, Rotbone encountered the most terrible force that <Domain of Pain> had to offer. But the battle was swift, and Chris was very powerful and had an epic mount. The forces of <Dreadnought> hosted one true champion whose name is still spoken to this day. The mighty Broderick flattened the front line of <Domain of Pain> before all of their forces were prepared. It was from this day forward that the orcs of Stormreaver would learn their place and never fully recover to their original prestige.

Chris and his armies of <Dreadnought> continued into the BlackRock Spire where all forty of his soldiers could venture into the same dungeon. One day, by chance, the Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn dropped from a Blackrock Orc who had perished in defense of his home. The /random 100 was intense and the rolls were close, but in the end the infamous Magi had lost the roll. Magi began to turn on those who were once his allies.

Magi's imagination ran wild as Gary, also a Paladin of light and truth, equipped the Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn. This was the final moment of Magi's sanity. From this day forward there were few that could understand his mental anguish. Magi became obsessed with the amulet, it became his "precious" yet it was an item he would never obtain or admit his need for. Magi, driven into madness, formed enemies among his alliance he migrated from guild to guild, always as an out cast. This also caused him to post on the forums, and his broken train of thought was documented in text for the world to decipher. To this day, Magi is tormented by his insanity and that night in Blackrock Mountain.

The Second Age of Stormreaver

The Blackrock Mountain

In this day and age the Blackrock Mountain was the hub for all adventurers, it was here that the legend of the brave and skillful hunter, Silvie, came to be. Silvie became the main puller for the 40 man <Dreadnought> raids, and he had one message for the people of Stormreaver, and this message echoed through the dark and fiery hallways of Blackrock Mountain while the most terrible of battles were waged:


And so it came to be, that Stormreaver was for the Alliance. From this day forward, Silvie's words were marked and the Alliance were destined to triumph over the horde. Despite this fact, the beloved Swyfty would reroll Undead Rogue to join <Domain of Pain> making him the first core player to reroll on Stormreaver. Sywfty was corpse camped throughout his leveling process. <Domain of Pain> came to save him just once.

It was here within the mountain that the mightiest guild of Stormreaver came to hone its name. <Impervious> was born among a select few, and although young, quickly became among the leading guilds in the entire world. Not far behind their eliteness were <Pink Club> <Dreadnought> <Domain of Pain> <Minium> <Righteous Might> <Bloodthirst> and even the forces of <Nightmare Inc> were beginning to catch up. It was not until <Impervious> had slain the mighty black dragon, Onyxia, and her offspring within her lair that <Dreadnought> and <Nightmare Inc> allied themselves and accomplished the feat as well. There would be horde guilds to follow as well but their records are believed to have been lost in time.

As <Minium> <Cabal> <Domain of Pain> and <JUICE> began to visit the Blackrock Mountain more frequently, their reign of destruction naturally spread throughout the mountain and all alliance who dared venture there in less than numbers were slaughtered or cast into the fiery ring. It was here that Static of <Nightmare Inc> would again lead his forces to defend these lands in the name of the alliance. Their victories were many, and their losses few. <Nightmare Inc> held the mountain against wave after wave of orcish horde, pushed each organization back through the gates, and fought valiantly out in the open under the blood-red sky. Again, the strength and pride of the orcs was failing as they could not triumph over the well organized armies of <Nightmare Inc> and their allies. Those orcs who did not turn home, often found trouble in approaching the inner depths of Blackrock Mountain. <Domain of Pain> proved the strongest resistance.

When server transfers originally opened up, <JUICE> one of the largest horde guilds, along with other horde guilds left for Stormscale. This crippled the number of orcish hordes and the balance between factions never recovered.

But in this age, Blackrock was not the only front line. War was also emerging within Hillsbrad, until the battlegrounds were introduced. Ludio, the Gnome Rogue of <Bloodthirst> was the first Alliance to hit standing 1 after the first week of the PvP system. Lucillius, the Dwarf Hunter of <The Forgotten Order> was the first Grand Marshal of Stormreaver. I cannot be certain, but I think that Goatey <A-Team> was the first Undead Mage to hit High Warlord.

In the earliest days of the PvP system, the battle for Hillsbrad was thoroughly waged. Eventually, the Alliance pushed the orcish hordes deep into the Western Plaguelands where they stationed their defense at the bulwark. Due to the magnittude of the battle, the server would eventually crash. Those who logged back in were executed by the scores of the alliance. Here at the Bulwark, the horde could remain as ghosts until unflagged for PvP. It would be this advantage that would make the Bulwark and Tirisfal Glades one of the most active PvP locations on Stormreaver prior to the days of Blackwing Lair.

As the zergish battles of Hillsbrad began to dwindle, many of the Alliance took their forces to the gates of Ogrimmar. Ogrimmar, Thunderbluff, Under City, and specifically the 3 zeplin towers were often occupied by powerful groups of alliance against impossible odds. However, the orcish hordes led more successful raids on the tram than either Ironforge or Stormwind. <JUICE> was the first guild to kill the faction NPC in Darnassus. <Bloodthirst> was the first guild to kill the dude in Thunderbluff.

And soon came the age of Molten Core. It was here that the last of <Domain of Pain> attempted to ally themselves with first <Cabal> and later <Minium> in conquest of purple loots from the deep. The allegiance crumbled as their clan leaders bickered between one another. The age of <Domain of Pain> slowly came to an end as their accomplishments in PvE became few and far between. However, their legacy on the battlefield and within the arena is not forgotten. Tirade and <Domain of Pain> remain the original champions of Stormreaver's orcish horde.

Stepping through the wake with a sturdy lead was the combined effort of <Impervious> and <Pink Club> whose victory in the early stages of Molten Core echoed through the realm of Stormreaver. The other guilds were soon to follow, but it would be <Minium> who would loot the most un-nerfed Earthshakers. Minium also obtained the first legendary hammer: Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros which was wielded by Gheist, the Tauren Warrior.

All of Minium's warriors, especially Juntsworth, wielded the mighty hammer which originally knocked down and stunned entire armies. Broderick too acquired an Earthshaker and led many victorious battles. But it was not until <Minium> and their Windfury Earthshakers would crush the forces of <Nightmare Inc> that the Blackrock Mountain would be reclaimed in the name of the hordes. <Minium> became the premier horde guild and despite their disorganization, their gear became vastly superior to the majority of the actively PvPing alliance.

Static and <Nightmare Inc> learned that they must strive to clear into Molten Core in search of loots to compete on the battle field. But it would not be this phat loot alone that would ensure the success of <Nightmare Inc> a fraction of the elite war party of <Oh Snap> would reroll alliance and join among the ranks of their old enemies. These true PvPers are immortalized for the world to admire and appreciate:

Braic AKA Malriven, Shadow Priest turned Paladin of the way. - Wrote the Malriven Paladin Guide - The best paladin Stormreaver has ever known.

Gorgorok AKA Gorgorok, Combat Shaman turned Combat Paladin. - Humiliated off of Stormreaver for Shield/Hearthing in PvP

Shamiggles AKA Shamidgit, Combat Shaman turned Unstoppable Force Warrior. - "Oh Snap Crack'a'lackin since 04'son."

Veninks AKA Venguile, Druid/Warlock turned Legendary Arch Hedge Wizard, Grand Marshal of <Impervious> - The best mage Stormreaver has ever known

As time ensued, the guilds of Stormreaver progressed until eventually Ragnaros was vanquished by both <Impervious> and <Minium> it would be this dangerous and powerful lord of flame that would inevitably defeat <Nightmare Inc> As Static had gone missing in action for quite some time, the leading force of PvPing alliance had split into two separate factions. The first half of <Nightmare Inc> followed the arch hedge priest, Thaeds and his brother in arms, Theads to the server of Maelstrom where they were reborn as role-playing orcish hordes. The second faction of <Nightmare Inc> formed a new and terrible force led by Whammy, auction house protection warrior, and the infamous self proclaimed fury warrior princess, Xyshina. This force would be come to known as <HarroW> and the capitalized W was a controversial subject for all of Stormreaver.

<Nightmare Inc> was not the only guild experiencing power shifts. The legendary Paladin of truth and light, Chris, had abandoned <Dreadnought> and turned leadership over to the Amazing-Asian priest, Kwong of Hong Kong. The guild was reformed as <Dread> and they were to become the third most powerful guild on Stormreaver for quite some time. As <Impervious> and <Dread> continued to clear Molten Core. <HarroW> soon followed in their path and began bringing a new level of defense to the gates of Blackrock mountain. The legends are unbelievable, but those who participated know the truth.

The men and women of <Harrow> were a force of true-hearted PvPers. They came to Stormreaver in the true name of the alliance. Their main assists, Silvie and Xyshina were brilliant combat tacticians and easily led the assist targeting in some of the most legendary battles that Stormreaver has and ever will see. Among the first of these was the Great Battle of the North Gate. On this day the orcish hordes numbered above the hundred. It is difficult to imagine such a force, but in this age the orcs began to travel in large war parties of up to two Molten Core raids. <HarroW> numbering only in only 20 men and 10 women, would fight the largest battle to ever occur on Stormreaver, and possibly in the world.

Scouts informed the alliance of a danger brewing in the East, toward Kargath. Would the brave warriors ride out to meet them? No, Silvie, who had once left <Dreadnought> and aligned himself with the forces of <Harrow> commanded the noble hunters, Booze, Beleriand, and Mith, to lay their traps upon the gate. It would be here that the alliance would make their final stand. The wave of lag hit them first. It began slowly but as the marching of the orcs approached the mountain, each of their steps was felt within the hearts of everyone's bandwidth.

Venguile, Legendary Arch Hedge Wizard of the Alliance of Stormreaver, began to rain a powerful Blizzard upon the gate entrance as the first of the orcs began to appear, his fellow mages and warlocks followed with their rain of burning fire and jagged ice. Nugz had 3/3 Improved Blizzard which has always been the best talent for raid vs raid PvP. <Harrow> was fortunate enough to have caught their legions off guard, and the first wave of orcs was slain as the fighters of <Harrow> followed the direction of Silvie's swift arrow and Xyshina's flailing blades. But just as the front line began to falter, more orcs poured in through the opening. Totems began to spread about the passageway and more orcs, although ensnared by the icy traps laid at their feet, pushed their way into the ranks of the <Harrow> forces, easily outnumbering them 2 to 1.

"FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!" the battle cry resonated throughout the ventrilo channel as all 30 <Harrow> battled with their hearts, minds, and spirit. Had one of them hesitated for a moment or succumb to the lag, the battle would have been lost. The healers pressed on through the fight, Xyshina and Silvie continued to lead the way as the arrows and blades came raining down on wave after wave of orcish horde. The battle pressed onward, past the duration of the Druid's Innervates. It would be the Paladin, Malriven, who would lead his brothers and sisters to glory by placing a Judgment of Wisdom upon every orc that he could, all the while continuing to heal the raid just enough that some of the other healers could sit and drink.

The orcs continued to press through the gates, their axes ready and their blades drawn, but the hand of <HarroW> had already came crashing down, and they were suffering minimum losses. After the first ten minutes of fighting, they pushed outside of the gate to slaughter the remaining orcs and those who had already ran back to resurrect. The aftermath was bewildering; hardly a patch of earth was exposed beneath the mass of corpses. Among the dead were the legions of <Memento Mori> led by Slamulous the shameful, and a joint raid of <Guardians of the Wyrd> and <Warband>. Both orcish raid parties along with their escorts had been slain, the brothers and sisters of <Harrow> rejoiced in their legendary victory. A moment in time that would bond 30 people's hearts in a way which is unimaginable for most of you.

I cannot recall a day after this battle that I ever saw <Warband> or <Guardians of the Wyrd> in full force. However, <Memento Mori> would continue to grow to be the largest guild of orcish horde to ever walk on Stormreaver, <Gentlemen's Club>. However, they were not the most elite. By the time <HarroW> had killed Ragnaros, <Minium> had combined with <A-Team> led by Cyrk the terrible. Cyrk is the only guild leader to have confirmed that he clicks his buttons with his mouse, instead of using hot keys.

Unfortunately, the <Minium> half died out, and the new <A-Team> assimilated some of their members and became <Original Gangstaz> the best horde guild Stormreaver will ever know. But in force, they were still no match for <HarroW>

In the months after the Great Battle of the North Gate, <HarroW> began to concentrate its forces closer Kargath. Shutting down the route to Blackrock Mountain almost completely. It was here that they used the choke point to split up massive raids of orcish hordes. There were many battles here, but among the most legendary battles includes:

The Battle of 40 Minium and 40 Harrow -Horde Victory x2 / Alliance Victory x1

- Led by Xyshina

The Battle of 20 A-Team / 15 Domain of Pain and 40 Harrow- Alliance Victoryx2 / Horde Victory x1

The Battle of 80 Memento Mori and 40 Harrow + few friends - Alliance Victory x3

- Led by Jonchron and Xyshina

The Battle of 40 The Cabal and 25 Harrow - Alliance Victory x 4

-Led by Jonchron and Xyshina

The Battle of 40 Original Gangstaz and 40 Harrow - Alliance Victory x2

-Led by Whammy, Xyshina, and Jodo

There was also one fantastic account of 11 <HarroW> led by Whammy wiping out 40+ GC with sapper charges just before they engaged Azuergos. The largest collection of players ever on the server was at the first Azeurgos raid. The horde showed up with more than 200 individuals while the alliance had to watch from a distance. After hours. Minium took the kill. Later, Cabal would ninja loot Azuergos, ostracizing them from their own faction and further weakening the horde. In the months to come, cooperation was formed between leading Alliance guilds such as <Righteous Might> <Working as Intended> and <Nightmare Inc> in the pursuit of world spawns. Eventually <Impervious> would prove their might over the 3 lesser guilds by dominating the spawns with fewer people.

As for Kazzak; Alliance griefed and trained eachother until cross teaming with horde. Many guilds from both factions had successful Kazzak kills/cheats despite trains and griefing. There is one account of a <Minium>/<Memento Mori> joint raid pulling the boss up into the distant mountains and being wiped out by a small force of alliance, causing the orcs to corpse rez and forfeit the mob to the alliance.

The battles for world spawns in these days were a mirror of Blackrock mountain raid vs raid PvP. Those who participated in Azshara and The Blasted Lands would have more than one interesting tale to share with you.

The <Original Gangstaz> <Minium> and <Gentlemen's Club> all were able to field very effective battle groups during their prime, however their success never carried much weight into World PvP. This hurt the orcish hordes further, and never again did the orcs make a victorious stand against the forces of the alliance. This in turn, hurt <HarroW> and one by one they began to retire as fewer and fewer horde maintained the courage to battle with them out in the open. In the end of the Age of Blackrock Mountain, the orcs would rather push their corpses to the zone line than form up and fight <Harrow>. In the final days of the Age of the Blackrock Mountain, <HarroW> camped the teleportation orb to Blackwing Lair and would not let <Original Gangstaz> or <Gentlemen's Club> zone their entire raid force in without fighting them.

The orcs response was to petition a Game Master to remove us from the orb. The Game Master's response was to encourage us to camp them since Stormreaver is a PvP server. There is no record of whether <Original Gangstaz> Flask of the Titans ran out before <Harrow> allowed them all to enter. In the future, other orcish hordes would try this same stunt with other alliance, but never again would they face <HarroW> in force.

The Third Age of Stormreaver

The Age of the Dragons

At one point it was rumored that something had stirred within the Emerald Dream. A strong Demonic Presence was believed to have infected the Dream, causing the Emerald Dragon Brood to emerge into the World of Warcraft in malcontent. Among these powerful beasts were Lethon, Emeriss, Ysondre, and Taerar. Each terrible and dangerous in his own way.

The Emerald Dragons dropped phat loot, and thus were hunted and slain by both alliance and orcish horde. However, in times of desperation, some members of both factions would align themselves with each other.

This cross teaming was a crime in the eyes of <HarroW> and was punished on the field. Upon his attempt to train one of the Dragons upon the traitorous alliance and horde, Silvie was banned and never returned to Stormreaver at his full potential. Losing one of their chief lieutenants and closest allies, the brothers and sisters of <HarroW> were deeply crushed by their loss. But it would not be the first or the last of those to come and go in the hearts of the PvPers of Stormreaver.

And so it came to pass as the orcs shrugged further and further from combat that <HarroW> was eventually no more. The guild bank was ravaged, and the leadership parted ways. Some of the fighters rerolled on other servers in search of adventurous battle such as before, among them was Xyshina, the self proclaimed fury warrior princess who rerolled an Orc Rogue on Balnazzar with many other people from <Harrow>. However their guild title and leadership may have shifted too many times to accurately document. Others stopped playing Warcraft altogether. A very select few joined <Impervious> although today only a few remain: Venguile, Nooba, and Jonchron.

With the ages of war coming to a closure, the focus of Stormreaver began to head more towards PvE. The battles between the original primary forces of Stormreaver were gone and a new age was beginning to come about.

<Impervious> established dominance over the other guilds long ago, and thus maintained this dominance by monitoring the pseudo-weekly arrival of the Emerald Dragons. <Impervious> was typically the fastest to mobilize and slay the Dragons. Although there were a few times when the cross teaming Alliance raced to contest them, and even fewer times when the Orcs would come to challenge them as well. Among the Battles for the Emerald Dragons were a few amazing events in which <Impervious> triumphed over <Original Gangstaz> and <Gentlemen's Club> while battling the more difficult Dragons. This was only possible through the use of Broderick and his Arcanite Bombs. <Gentlemen's Club> only stole one Dragon from <Impervious> but they let them have it while they killed the other remaining 2.

Eventually, the Dragon Hunting paid off and <Impervious> among other guilds had enough Nature Resistance to conquest deep into Ahn Qiraj. Cyrk the terrible, leader of <Original Gangstaz> opened the gate to Ahn Qiraj by stealing the quest line from <Righteous Might>; awarding himself with a new weapon and epic mount. He collected two Thunder Fury swords on two different characters as well, but alas both of them were very terrible at PvP.

At one point Stormreaver tried to arrange a fight night for roaming 5v5's. The idea was inspired by a custom on the Arthas Server. But the Orcish Horde could not hope to compete in 5v5's and instead of participating, showed up with a raid force. The alliance were aware of their approach and they too banded together in defense. The pale white salt flats were stained red with the blood of the horde. This was the final confrontation of raid vs raid PvP on Stormreaver that I am aware of. The horde had taken their final mighty fall with a grain of salt... if you know what I mean.

<Impervious> cleared through Ahn Qiraj in record time, being the 2nd guild in North America to slay C'Thun. Their progress continued onward through Naxxramas where the beloved Nnep turned on them, stole their splinters of Atiesh, and joined <Death and Taxes>. Nnep would never complete his Legendary Staff of the Atiesh but Jhasa and Venguile both would. It had to be around this time or so that server transfers opened up once again and <Gentlemen's Club> and <Dread> both left Stormreaver for Korgath.

With many of the top guilds gone, The Burning Crusade was much more of a quiet leveling experience than it would have been in the old days. There were a few good fights between old enemies, but in the end there were no forces left to world PvP and only one functioning arena team that could compete in 5v5's.

Many of you who did not experience the adventure of early Stormreaver will find it hard to relate to, but you should be proud to be a part of what is left of one of the best PvP servers this game ever had to offer. It is a shame that all good things must come to an end. But the memories we shared in the past few years are something that many of us will treasure for a life time.

I bid the old school Stormreaver people a good game, and wish that I had the time and memory to respect you all by name class and race. Those of you who fought along side me, those of you who fought me, and those of you who beat me, you have the respect of an old friend and enemy.

Farewell Stormreaver,

Grand Marshal Jonchron, Friend, Foe, and Original Battle Priest